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Caruso from tx Acoustic Panels

tx Acoustic Panels are the UK distributor for Caruso Acoustic manufacturers of a wide range of sound-absorbing panels designed to correct and improve the acoustic and lighting comfort of every room: from ceiling and wall sound-absorbing panels to desk panels and even free-standing products.

The proper acoustic treatment of a venue should focus on its sound-absorbing materials, which must guarantee adequate acoustic absorption for the intended activity at that venue. Thanks to its highly qualified team, Caruso Acoustic also offers support during the venue’s design phase by conducting acoustic and lighting technology analysis. Its sound absorption products are designed to accommodate LED lighting systems that ensure the correct diffusion of light in the work area, providing the necessary quantity and quality of light.


Caruso D-Space Acoustic Panel | tx Acoustic Panels

In confined spaces with a high number of people, it is essential to guarantee the right acoustic comfort.  In the event that you want or insist on materials that lack significant acoustic absorption levels, it will then be necessary to intervene during the furniture design phase to integrate sound-absorbing material and to ensure that the environment is acoustically comfortable. By correctly applying sound-absorbing materials inside a room, it will reduce the reverberation time. What’s more: targeted distribution of the acoustic absorption in the room must be planned to guarantee that the same quality of sound can be heard in every corner of the room. Sound-absorbing acoustic panels are the perfect solution for very large environments such as airports, universities and gyms, and for smaller spaces such as offices, meeting rooms or homes.


Lighting | tx Acoustic Panels

Different LED lighting systems can be integrated into Caruso sound-absorbing panels. An essential requirement of every application designed by Caruso Acoustic is that it guarantees the correct light output through lighting technology calculations in order to alter the intensity of the beam of light as best as possible depending on working preferences and requirements.

LED lighting offers many advantages, including in terms of energy efficiency,since it lasts longer than traditional lights and consumes less energy, which subsequently reduces costs. The lighting fixtures have been specifically designed to support and integrate into the sound-absorbing panel, helping to improve the living conditions of any room.